Enrichment Factors Of Employee Retention With Reference To Information Technology Companies In Hyderabad – A Study

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Phalguna Reddy.k, et. al.


Obtaining and trying to retain skilled staff plays a vital role for any organization, as the knowledge and experience of employees are core to the ability of companies to operate economically competitive. Since intellectual capital has emerged as a competitive edge for any organization, it is very important for companies to retain their skilled employees. The study focused on enrichment factors for employee retention in IT companies. The study focused on examining management practices with an exploratory factor analysis and found that Employees' opinions and suggestions should be considered by management while decision-making and followed by the "Organization of Employee Trust" parameter were extracted as high loading factors, which will play a key role in the retention of employees. The study used the Neural Network to elicit the enrichment factors that encourage employees to stay with the organization and found that the learning environment followed by the Employee Recognition Act plays a key role for employees to continue their work with the same organization.

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