Economic Offences With Reference To Fugitve Economic Offenders

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Reva Gupta


A country's economy and survival are based on the economic activities that take place within its borders. It levies taxes on its citizens to meet its financial obligations and to fund various nation-building and public-benefit activities. The people of the country follow the law of the land, and disobedience is considered an offence by the individual. India's population of 1.21 billion people contributes to the country's economy in various ways. When measured in monetary terms, these individuals' intellect, talents, and manpower form the foundation of our country's economic system. . A person likes to keep everything he receives as a source of income in a secure and safe location. Some people prefer to keep their hard-earned money in banks, while others prefer to keep it in their homes. In terms of development and growth, the cycle of investments and savings keeps the country moving forward. To ensure adequate cash availability at all times, the wealth generated is circulated back and forth between individuals and financial institutions (exceptions). Our banking system, which is regulated, overseen, and managed by the Reserve Bank of India, ensures and protects wealth through various financial institutions, and uses it for a variety of purposes, including growth, lending, and investment. Economic crimes are motivated by a desire for financial gain. When it comes to surviving in today's world, the odds are stacked against you. It's not just about having enough food, drink, and a place to sleep. Money is a necessary part of survival that cannot be overlooked, and it is the driving force behind people working every day, whether doing any kind of job to make a living. You would feel more comfortable if you have more money. But, who's money are we talking about here? It is the hard-earned money that you and I earn from long hours of labor. In today's fast-paced world, having financial wealth is critical to meeting most of a person's needs. In this fast-changing world, people seek a variety of ways to meet their needs; let us discuss this in this paper

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