Completing The Mechanism To Control Political Power In Vietnam

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Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Minh Tuan


The mechanism of controlling political power is the synchronous and unified operation of the system of institutions and institutions involved in the exercise and control of the power of the Party, State, and members of the main system rule, on the basis of state law, the Party’s discipline, and the nation’s political traditions consistent with international law and practices. Controlling political power in order to ensure that the controlling subjects and those controlled by the Party. This study focuses on analyzing the power control mechanism in the current political system in Vietnam, in the relationship between the Party - State - Fatherland Front and political and social organizations; shortcomings of power control mechanism among elements in the current political system in Vietnam; the cause of the inadequacies; proposing a number of solutions to improve the power control mechanism of the mechanism “The Party leads, the State manages, the People take ownership”.

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