A Transition from Brick-and-Mortar to Online Stores and Its Role in Shifts in Consumer Buying Patterns

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Dr. Hitmi Khalifa Al-Hitmi


Online shopping is becoming a trend nowadays in the modern generation. People are shifting from traditional ways of shopping to modern ways. However, not each group is willing to accept the change. It is observed that a mixed response from the people is recorded related to the adaptation of novel shopping ways. The same trend is following in the automobile industry. The traditional method of brick and mortar purchasing the vehicles is now shifting towards online shopping. This study is focused on the behavior of the masses towards this new facility of purchasing cars online. Detailed research has been conducted through the data collection techniques employed in the research process. This includes some surveys and research on literature as well. Based on data collected results are drawn and recommendations are proposed. A comprehensive methodology has been used to calculate the findings.

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