Organizational Climate And Teaching Performance In A Private Educational Institution

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Luis Alberto Soto Panduro


The aim of the study was to determine whether there is a relationship between organizational climate and teaching performance in an educational institution in Metropolitan Lima. This is a basic, descriptive correlational research, with a quantitative approach and a non-experimental cross-sectional design. The sample consisted of 180 people. The technique used was the survey and the data collection instrument was the questionnaire. It was found that there is a direct and moderate correlation between: (a) organizational climate and teaching performance (rs = 0.639; p<0.05), (b) Structure and teaching performance (rs = 0.556; p<0.05), (c) Responsibility and teaching performance (rs = 0.456; p<0.05), (d) Risks and teaching performance (rs = 0. 470; p<0.05), (e) Rewards and teaching performance (rs = 0.467; p<0.05), (f) Warmth and supports, and teaching performance (rs = 0.577; p<0.05), (g) Conflicts and teaching performance (rs = 0.521; p<0.05). It was concluded that a higher level of organizational climate is associated with a higher level of teacher performance.

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