Resilience attributes among Lovely Professional University students: A correlation study of depression, anxiety and stress.

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Anahita Verma, et al.


The term ‘Resilience ‘in general defines the ability of and individual to recover or bounce back from difficult and unpleasant situations. From a Students standpoint, each individual comes to face uncertainty and difficult situations in their professional, academic and personal lives that prove hard and stressful to cope with. Difficult situations bring with them a lethal exposure to conditions like stress, anxiety and depression. These conditions occur in succession and can strike a lethal amount of damage to the mental health in the long run, with great interest to growing and adapting minds like those of a university student. These conditions can alter the brains plasticity to a great extent leaving a permanent mark on their conscious. Variables such as anxiety, depression and stress tend to have a negative impact on the lives of individuals in general. This paper discusses the correlation of these conditions with resilience and how it should exist and be built as a mechanism in students to prepare them for their lives afterwards.

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