Learning Styles and Study Habits as Predictors of Academic Performance of SDCA Senior High School Students

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Eddie R. Cabrera, Jennifer A. Torres


The performance of students in one discipline is usually predicted by their performance in other areas. Likewise, one's achievement in his chosen career is predicted by his performance in the academic courses in the secondary as well as at the college level. While there are many factors affecting performance and achievement, academic prowess is believed to have a more pronounced effect (Santelices, 2003). This study identified the learning styles and habits of senior high school students at St. Dominic's College of Asia as predictors of academic performance. The results of the study show that the dominant learning styles of the students are visual, activist, sequential, and sensing.  However, there is no evidence of a link between students' academic performance and their learning style and habits. Learning styles and habits do not affect academic performance. On the other hand, there are differences observed between the variables studied, and according to their profile. This revealed that the learning styles of the respondents vary according to age and sex

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