From College to K-12 Real Quick: The Lived Experiences of Teachers in the Changing Environment

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John Mark S. Distor, Richard M. Campos


This study focused on the lived experiences of teachers in the changing teaching environment. The comprehension of these 35-55 years old teachers was further explored to address the changes occurred when they handled the senior high school students. The purpose of this study is to let other professors, the students, the parents, and also the future researchers to widen their understanding of the newly implemented curriculum in our country. Also, this will help the students to be a better person, to develop their attitudes. The educators will help the students to develop their skills and abilities so that when they graduate, they will be prepared in college. The researchers have utilized Interpretive Phenomenology Analysis (IPA) as the research was qualitative, it was needed to interview one-by-one. The researchers used the aide-memoire as guide questions to ask professors for them to answer their lived experiences in the changing teaching environment. Also, it employed purposive sampling in an approach to address the lived experiences of teachers in the new changing teaching environment. The study’s final findings and conclusions resulted in confirmation of how professors lived in the new teaching environment. Considering the techniques on how to handle the students’ behavior, the adjustments they made, the changes that occurred in their salary, lastly, the advantages and the challenges of implementing this new curriculum in our country. Moreover, the study also acknowledged the co-researchers desire to help the new set of students to overcome the new curriculum. With all the data and information gathered, the researchers were able to identify the lived experiences of teachers in the new teaching environment and were able to identify certain recommendations for practice and further research

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