Police Community Relations Program in the Selected Barangay of Tabuk City

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Julienne S. Leyaley


The Philippine National Police as an organization is a part of the community it serves. For the police, Community represent a source of both support and complaints and most importantly, Community is the final measure of the quality of Police service and the effectiveness of the Police department. The concept of community relations, is not simple matter of dialogue and agreement on some issues. Instead, it consists of a carefully structured program involving both community and criminal justice system participation. There is a need for good community relations, but the responsibility for its success cannot rest solely upon the police or any other single agency of criminal justice system. This research seeks to attain the following objectives; a. To determine the level of implementation of Police Community Relation Programs in Barangay Agbannawag and Bulo of Tabuk City; and b. To determine the level of effectiveness of the Police Community Relation Program in Barangay Agbannawag and Bulo of Tabuk City. The community assistance and development Program are highly implemented. This implies that the PNP-PCR personnel make themselves available to the public in giving assistance to ensure public awareness. Crime prevention programs and Information Dissemination are highly implemented. This implies that the PNP-PCR personnel are very effective on their Police Community Programs. There may be an equal distribution on the implementation of PCR programs in each Barangay within the City as to be all aware on the said Police Community Relation Programs. The PNP-PCR may continue promoting their program for more improvement of every Barangay

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