Ethnocentrism Attitudes Among CTE Students in a State University: Towards Enhanced Developmental Activities in Intercultural Education Lesson

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Liriolyn B. Pacursa


Ethnocentrism is having an idea that your own culture is superior to the others. This study described the level of ethnocentrism attitude of Freshmen and Sophomore students in a State University, across the four domains of ethnocentrism. This study was conducted at Quirino State University-Maddela campus and utilized both qualitative and quantitative approach using modified survey and open-ended questions. Findings revealed that the BTLED Freshmen and Sophomore students in the university possessed little-more superior tendency of ethnocentric attitude which means that the respondents looked at their culture as more superior to the others. Based on the findings, the researchers were able to enhance some developmental activities in subject in Intercultural Education lesson which are reflective of cultural relativism.

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