A Retrospective Evaluation of Interscholastic Athletic Program of a State University in the Philippines

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Marshal C. Defensor


As a state university for teachers, the Philippine Normal University does not only develop student-athletes’ pedagogical content knowledge as future physical education teachers but does also enhance their athletic skills through grassroots and specialized training, including active participation in the State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association-National Capital Region Games (SCUAA-NCR). However, despite the effort, the performance of student-athletes in the SCUAA-NCR has been evidently on the decline. To determine where problems are stemming from, this study conducted a retrospective program evaluation of its interscholastic athletic program. The researcher conducted a focus group and surveyed the respondents (n=267), specifically, student-athletes, coaches, and administrators, using expert-validated instruments. Using Context, Input, Product, Process (CIPP) evaluation model, thematic analysis, and data triangulation technique, the following results were obtained: First, the context evaluation received a passing remark with 4.5% mean; however, pressing issues were also identified. Second, the input evaluation had a mean of 4.13%, but it was the lowest as compared to other components. Third, though the process evaluation obtained a good remark with a mean of 4.22%, enduring gaps persisted. Finally, the product evaluation exposed issues that needed immediate resolution, especially in the areas of facilities, equipment and supplies, administrations, and training programs. This study recommends the proposed comprehensive Strategic Development Plan in addressing the identified issues.

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