Mass Communication Charter: Concepts, Theories and Ethical Standards

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Adipon Euajarusphan


Mass Communication is a mechanism that creates understanding, build relationship and connect people in the society together. The ethical issue of data and news presentation of mass media has become one of the most controversial issues in society. Particularly, in present, mass communication is facing crucial ethical issues. This article is written with the objectives to explain and explore concepts, theories and ethical standards of mass media to elaborate background of media ethics, including the needs and requirements to establish professional media ethics, structural differences between media systems of each country group, ethical standards, concepts and theories, media ethics standards which have been developed since the 1980s and become the foundations of the present media ethics, level of governance in the media ethics system and professional media ethical decision-making process in order to provide proper and appropriate practical guideline. This article presents the mass communication charter to be adhered and maintained by the mass media as well as to fully comply with the principles of media ethics for the utmost benefits for recipient of information

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