Impact of Leadership Styles on Job Performance in Healthcare Sector: A Literature Review

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Ali Eldin Loutfi Abdalla Ibrahim, Maria Jade Catalan-Opulencia


Literature claimed that leadership concept was one of the most researched topics in social sciences as well as organizational research. However, the organizational leadership research required more attention to the healthcare sector due to its vital importance and sensitivity. Hence, this paper shed light through literature review on the impact of two major leadership styles; transformational and transactional on job performance in the healthcare sector. The study used the qualitative research technique and relies on secondary data collection from empirical studies and literature reviews. The impact of both transformational and transactional leadership styles on job performance in the healthcare sector were found to be different. The transformational leadership style was found to be more effective in increasing both job and organizational performance in the healthcare sector. It further shown that adapting transformational leadership style in the healthcare  sector increased the quality of healthcare services as well as patient safety and reduced healthcare staff turnover rates. The research findings served as a guide for practitioners and healthcare leaders in improving job performance. It added value and contributed to the leadership research in the healthcare sector.

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