The Value and Wisdom of Active Japanese Elderly -A New Model of Management long-term staying Japanese in Thailand

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Isao Yamaki, Jarunee Dibyamandala , Charin Mangkhang, Chettapoom Wannapaisan


This research aims 1) to study how the changing role of Japanese long-term residents affected by the situation of the new coronavirus in Chiang Mai 2) to study the current problems facing Japanese long-term residents and how to resolve these issues. The research results were found that 1) allow permitting to work and able to do volunteer activities while getting a retirement visa might getting them more closely involved with Thai society. 2) The problems were found as follows: 2.1 concerning about their health, 2.2 Self-care expenses 2.3 the cost of living in Thailand is higher and the yen is falling and the suggestions for solving the problem was 2.4 there should have a good insurance for Japanese elderly long-term residents in Chiang Mai

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