Management of logistics elements affecting the satisfaction of community-based tourism Case Study of Ban Koh Samet, Chumphon Province, Thailand

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Petcharaporn Chatchawanchanchanakij


The purpose of this research were analyze logistics management effecting to the tourism satisfaction of Bann Koh Samet. The sample group were tourists who came to traveling and visit in Bann Koh Samet, Chumphon province. For data analysis using descriptive statistic include, Frequency Percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation, and Structural equation model with Empirical data.

               The result was found that hypothesis was shows that the consistency between the modified model was more consistent empirical data based on the consistency index value 22=0.900, df = 400, GFI = 1.000, AGFI = 0.999, CFI = 1.000, NFI = 1.000, and RMSEA = 0.00 which had a pass value of all criteria, which is 0.900 that greater than 0.05, indicating that the theoretical model was consistent with the empirical data

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