Labor Social Capital and Human Resource Management for Eucalyptus Oil Supply Chain

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Andries Lionardo, Muhammad Bugis, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo, Esther Kembauw, Rudy Kurniawan


The social capital of the Waplau Village community in Buru Regency, Indonesia, grows and develops to meet the needs of life. The eucalyptus leaf oil refining cooperative in the village is built on the relationship between landowners, tenants, tenants, and intermediaries, all of which become the supply chain for eucalyptus oil to industries and household businesses. These relationships ensure that social capital is built on participation, trust, cooperation, reciprocity, and norms. This research focused on the eucalyptus oil refining process in Waplau Village as an activity generating profits and fulfilling household needs. The research location was focused on Waplau Village as it had higher numbers of eucalyptus oil workers than other villages in Buru Regency. The research samples were eucalyptus landowners, land tenants, day workers, and brokers. The research used primary data obtained from observations and direct interviews and was analyzed using qualitative data analysis methods. The results showed that social capital was an indicator of success for eucalyptus oil workers in achieving their goals. Social capital involved strong relationships between landowners, tenants and day workers, as well as headmen, harvesters, cooks, and labourers in the oil refining workgroup. The social capital was an instrument that increased eucalyptus oil productivity in the Waplau Village.

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