Factors Affecting Managers’ Decision-Making in Thailand Professional Sports Sponsorship Alliance

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Supalux Suvathi, Tepprasit Gulthawatvichai, Sarist Gulthawatvichai


This study aims to examine the Western sports alliance theories with Thai context. In particular, the experimental research was conducted to test the effect of five variables. The variables are namely; value maximization, level of business network, risk of potential negative outcomes from scandal, congruence, and process manageability on the intention to end sports sponsorship alliance formation of professional sports sponsorship alliance partners. In total, 400 managers were participated. 200 managers are from 13 professional sports categories include: Football (45), Golf (11), Jet Ski (17), Volleyball (20), Sepak Takraw (16), Bowling (11), Motorbike Racing (6), Cycling (9), Car Racing (7), Snooker (16), Badminton (9), Tennis (17), and Basketball (16). 200 managers of corporate sponsors are from different industries include: Agro and food industry (32), Consumer products (25), Financials (31), Industrials (31), Property and construction (10), Resources (9), Services (21), Technology (19), Sports (13), and Others (10). The results reveal that the five variables have a significant effect on both property’s and sponsor’s intention to end sports sponsorship alliance formation.

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