The Development Guidelines for Corporate University in Thailand

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Wannattha Khanitthabud


The objective of the research was to study (1) the influence of corporate strategies, leadership, personnel value enhancement and managerial innovation on the success of corporate university development and (2) development guidelines for corporate university in Thailand. This research was   quantitative and qualitative research. For quantitative research, the sample group consisted of 300 persons of professors and staffs of Panyapiwat Institute of Management, Dusit Thani College, and Kantana Institute. The result was analyzed with a structural equation model. For the qualitative research, the in-depth interview was conducted with the key informants of 4 executives of each institute totaling 12 persons. The research result revealed that (1) the corporate strategy, leadership, value enhancement and managerial innovation affected the success in the corporate university development. The corporate strategy had the greatest influence on the success of corporate university development followed by personnel value enhancement, managerial innovation, and leadership, respectively, and (2) the corporate strategy development in Thailand. The government sector should perform the operation by fostering more and more corporate universities. The government sector should provide opportunities for the private sector to participate in the provision of education to their full potential, formulate more guidelines to promote the innovation in corporate university and in the same direction, provide training for more corporate university personnel to be in the same direction. The executives should pay attention to internal communication at all levels of personnel along with having the network partner and suppliers in order to better understand market demands

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