The Role of Work Methods and People Dimension as a Mechanisms Linking Leadership Style with Readiness to Change: A Study of Thailand Services Sector

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Wisit Rittiboonchai, Pashatai Charutawephonnukoon, Direk Deeprasert, Chairit Thongrawd


Research has been extensively discussed on individual’s readiness to change (IRC), and its effects differ in terms of leadership styles. We offer work methods dimension and the people dimension to overcome this gap. The paper seeks to examine the role of empowering leadership (EL), work methods dimension and the people dimension in enhancing IRC that will have an impact strategic behaviours. 257 civil servants are surveyed based on questionnaires and PLS-SEM is used for data analysis. However, the findings indicate that the association between EL and IRC is not mediated by quality of work methods (QWM), whereas the link between EL and IRC is mediated by quality of people (QP). Strategic role behaviour (SRB) for organizational performance is carried out when employees are ready to change.

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