The Evolution of Theatre of Bengal From Gupta Dynasty’s Conquest to Pre-Liberation War of Bangladesh of 1971

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Diana Ansarey


The paper discusses the origins, changes, and overall development of theatre in Bengal prior to the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. It looks at the influences of Sanskrit and European drama on the beginnings of theatre in this region. In addition, the article examines the decline of theatre in West Bengal after the 1947 partition and explores the reasons behind it along with an analysis of its eventual convalescence. Besides that, the paper evaluates the efforts of women working in the theatre industry, fighting against oppression and eventually finding their identity amongst the important roles in the theatre world today. The study chronicles the works of all the visionaries who have worked against the grain to establish the theatre in a once conservative region. The findings of the study is based on the interviews of various theatre professionals who have seen and grown through the turmoil of the industry over the years

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