Climate Change Policies and Mitigation Measures (A Qualitative Case Analysis of GHG Reduction between India and South Africa)

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Dr Jasmeet Kaur, Pranava Lalitha B2


India being the second major contributor of GHG emission in Asia (third in the world) and South Africa being the most industrialized Nation in the African continent and the largest GHG emitter in the region, both these countries have been taken for a comparative analysis. This paper primarily focusses on the GHG emissions analysis and mitigation measures in India and South Africa in the essential sector of energy. Both these countries with a colonial past, face the twin challenges of meeting development aspirations of its population even while combating the looming threat of climate change. Lack of integrated action and financing challenges being the major issues plaguing the GHG mitigation measures/policy matrix in India, ensuring coordinated action across sectors/ministries and facilitating smooth flow of funds would be required. Neglect of climate change policies being the major concern in South Africa, bringing it to the centre stage of political and economic discourse is the need of the hour.

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