Effectiveness of Movies in Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign Language at Universities in UAE

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Ghadah Al Murshidi


Globalization has increased the need for learning the English language to communicate across the border. In the context of the UAE, it is more important to learn the English language as it has a greater number of expatriates. The Emirati students from schools to universities attend English as Foreign Language (EFL) classes to develop English Language skills and enhance English language proficiency. However, teaching and learning English as a foreign language is a complex task. There is a need for robust strategies and teaching materials to make English learning classes more engaging to maximize the involvement of the students in the learning process. By employing the literature review and quantitative research method, the present study has identified the use of movies as teaching material for EFL classrooms. Further the impact of watching English movies on listening and speaking skills of the students was examined along with the moderating role of their motivation to learn. Data was collected from students of studying in different universities of United Arab Emirates by applying convenience sampling technique. A total of 221 students participated in survey. SPSS 22 and SmartPls3 was applied to analyze the data. Reslts revealed that English movies positively impact the listening and speaking skills of the students and motivation to learn strengthen this positive association. The present study will have implications for both the teachers as practitioners, as well as the students as EFL learners.

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