Receptive Skills of International Learners: The Framework for Instructional Guides

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Maria Eden C. Zarate


This research looked at international learners’ English receptive skills (listening and reading) at CPILS. The pre-test level of the Korean and Japanese participants, as well as the gaps in their listening and reading abilities, were investigated. The descriptive survey approach was used in this quantitative-qualitative study with ten Korean and ten Japanese learners. Their English pre-test level was determined through using International English Language Testing System (IELTS). They were all gathered together and took the IELTS assessments at the same time. The responses on the Listening and Reading assessments were graded critically using structured answer keys. The IELTS nine-band scale was used to convert the scores into individual band scores. The Korean and Japanese participants did not achieve the necessary English Language Proficiency in the General Training Module, which was band 5. Listening was considered to be their weakest skill, preceded by reading. As a result, they will benefit from the author's instructional guides, which will help them improve their English language abilities   

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