To analyse the career development framework and its impact on quality enhancement of internal talent pool of the organisation in Financial Sector

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Utkarsh Monica kunte


Purpose- To find out the factors on which the career development of an employee is based on, the relation between talent development and career development and what are the best practices in the talent space that are supporting it. Another idea is also to know the relationship between career development and employee retention from employee level to executive level. Specific-To understand the career development programs happening in financial sector & to understand leadership development practices in the financial sector. Research methodology- Junior level and mid-level employees are targeted for the career development practices. Senior management is targeted for leadership development practices Method – Primary Research: Three cohorts are designed as junior level, mid-level and senior level employees.  Interviews are taken which includes questions regarding the factors on which career development is dependent. After that the factors will be clustered to get the broad topics of career development according to the practices that are followed by the organisations. Secondary Research: Literature review & Reports such as Deloitte, LinkedIn etc. Theoretical Implication- We will be able to understand the different factors & practices by the financial sector for career development of employees and its impact on employee retention and ideal framework should be developed

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