The Development of Internationalization at Home in Higher Education

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Internationalization at Home (IaH) of higher education refers to the activities, processes and environmental experiences of teaching, research and social services developed by higher education itself for the cross-cultural, cross-border, international development. Internationalization determines the interests of the country and its higher education institutions, which is of great significance for the policy planning of higher education. By virtue of the planning of the international system and the participation in the global environment, the government and higher education institutions formulate relevant policies. With the help of digital technology and information and communication technology (ICT), the cooperation between the leaders and the whole staff boosts the establishment of international campus networks, providing students with the environment where they can vicariously obtain cross-cultural experience and knowledge. The concepts and impacts of IaH of higher education were analyzed in this research according to its meanings, the framework of IaH of higher education was established, and then the corresponding implementation strategies were put forward.   

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