Research on crosses cultural communication conflicts between Chinese and Thai administrators in international universities in Bangkok Thailand

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Li Shaoyun, Dr. Lu Kuicheng, Kanokwan Li


"One belt, one road" Cooperation Initiative has deepened the cooperation and exchanges between China and Thailand. More and more China students choose to study in Thailand. In this background, Many Chinese choose to work and live in Thailand. Thailand has its own culture and history. Different cultures will lead to differences in people's behaviors and cross-cultural communication conflicts will occur in the organizational work. Based on the basic communicative competence system proposed by Jia Yuxin, this paper studies the Chinese and Thai staff working in international universities in Bangkok from four aspects: linguistic and non-verbal competence, cultural competence, communicative competence and cognitive competence This paper analyzes the staff of Chinese and Thai universities in Thailand, explores the conflicts and contradictions between Chinese and Thai employees in cross-cultural communication in Colleges and universities, and gives good countermeasures. This study provides a good reference for the staff of China and Thailand in the process of communication and cooperation in cross-cultural communication.   

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