Green Product Buying Behaviour and Factors Influencing the Consumer Buying Decisions- A Critical Review

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K.Rajagopal, Vaishali Mahajan, Richa Priya


Purpose – To study the various factors which influence the consumer buying behaviour of Green Products. To understand how the social, economic and demographic profile and concern for environment impacts the Green product purchasing decisions of consumers.

Design/Methodology/Approach – The is an Exploratory study which is conducted involving sample respondents of Green product buying customers.

Findings – The findings of the study indicate that awareness level amongst consumers about Green Products is high. The buying behaviour of Green Products are influenced by the variables such as the geographical region, age, education and income of the respondents.

Practical implication –The results of the study may help marketers of Green product to develop marketing strategy of Green products specifically based on the understanding the consumers buying behaviours. This study will help the Marketers to device appropriate and unique Green product promotional strategies based on the consumer buying behaviours.

Originality/value – The study identifies the fact that consumers prefer Green Product for its Quality and for its eco-friendly nature

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