Analysis of Themed Retailing in Hospitality Industry with special reference to Restaurants in a developing country

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Saravadiya Jeel Dr. Aradhna Gandhi


Purpose: This study aims to conduct research to investigate how the themed restaurants can encourage customers to visit frequently, thus build customer satisfaction and loyalty in the context of a developing country like India.      

Design/Research Methodology: An empirical study was carried out with a sample of 227 respondents who live in metro cities of India and who frequently visit restaurants for dining out. A conceptual framework defining the relationship between Differentiated Experience, Novelty, Immersive Experience, Coherent Atmosphere, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty was created. This framework was then examined using Mediating Multiple Regression Analysis.

Findings: The research suggests that Differentiated Experience, Novelty, Immersive Experience and Coherent Atmospheres’ were found to be most important drivers of Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction in a context of a themed restaurant.

Originality: The research paper aims to provide guidance to the themed restaurant owners in terms of the parameters which will enable them to build customer loyalty and satisfaction. It will also enable the academicians to understand this upcoming sector for them to pursue further research in this area.

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