360 Degree Feedback: A Tale of Two Cultures

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Sanjay Bhattacharya Pooja Sharma


360 - degree feedback is used as an HR Intervention in many leading organisations for a variety of purposes. It provides a mechanism for flow of feedback to employees from all the stakeholders they deal with. This research explores the factors that determines the effectiveness of implementation of 360 - degree feedback across two distinct and specific cultures - India and Germany. Ten employees (eight from India and two from Germany) having personally experienced 360-degree feedback in their organisations were interviewed. Through Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA), the research tries to find out the advantages and disadvantages of standardisation along with the difference in intent of using of 360 – degree feedback across these two cultures. From Hofstede’s cultural dimensions’ standpoint. Basis the findings certain recommendations have been made

which can be used to standardize 360 – degree feedback implementation across different cultures globally.

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