Organizational Commitment And Job Satisfaction Towards Employee Performance Among Libyan Banks: Literature Review

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Abdalkrim Saleh E Abdalaziz, S. M. Ferdous Azam, Ahmad R. Albattat


The purpose of corporate statements and annual reports is mainly to document and establish the significance of humans as resources within an organization. This means for any organization’s success and sustainability, there must be the right human personnel placed at the right place and time. As many corporations have attested, human resource, whether as executives with visions, specialists providing clients service or technological expertise, add value to an organization.  Consequently, in an event when technology fails as a tool for development, human resource and the flair of management are the veritable tools for the success or failure of a corporation. This study aims to examine the effect of Human Resource Management Practices (HRMP and Leadership style (LS) on employee performance (EPB) and multiple mediating Organizational Commitment (OC) and Job Satisfaction (JS) among Libyan banks. Using literature review this paper tried to highlight the impact of human resource management practices and leadership style on organizational commitments. The results showed Even though there are very few studies in the Libyan context that discussed the significance of HRMP and leadership on employees’ productivity and commitment, such studies are undertaken in the context of hospitals, oil, and petrochemical companies. Furthermore, there are few studies that discussed the effect of HRMP and the style of leadership on the way employees perform in the banking sector context, which is more regulated and operated in a competitive environment that requires allocating resources and improving the employees’ performance to continue operating.

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