Factors impacting attrition of women employees post-maternity in IT/ITES sector and measures to curb it

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Shrividya Vemparala Dr. Monica Kunte


The Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) are the major and critical sectors that are contributing to the growth of Indian Economy, for the past few years. These have been able to elevate the value of the country on a global front. In the year 2017, the Information Technology and the Information Technology Enabled Services sectors represented around 8% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. The high proportion of women in this sector is favored by factors such as gender-neutral policies, IT jobs being white-collared, satisfactory pay policies, flexible working schedules in majority of the companies and almost no requirement of physical work. Today, attrition is one of the major problems that HR professionals in the IT industry face, while women workforce attrition is more prevalent. While the entry points for women into the workforce could be many, the exit points could be many such as Childbirth, lack of support from family and unsuitable work environment. Maternity is one of the most common reasons of women’s workforce attrition, especially in the IT/ITES sector. This study is totally original and helps in understanding the reasons that force women to leave their full-time jobs after child birth

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