Exploring the Correlation between Land Surface Temperature, NDBI, NDVI, and NDMI over Gombe Metropolis, Nigeria

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Abdulkadir I, Sathish Kumar


Condition of being urbanized involves the substitution of natural environment with man-made surfaces built from imperviable materials, and such reduce vegetation cover result in the absorption of sun’s energy, causing skin temperatures of the Earth and the temperatures of the air near surface to rise. It is on this note that this paper set out to assess the correlation between Land Surface Temperature (LST), and Normalized Difference Built-Up Index (NDBI), Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Normalized Difference Moisture Index (NDMI) over Gombe Metropolis at three different periods (January, 30th, May 22nd and September 30th, 2019) using Landsat 8 in ArcGIS. The result shows that there is a strong positive relationship between LST and NDBI in the three periods of studies with R2 = 0.9935 (January 30th), 0.9863 (May 22nd) and 0.9923 (September 30th). The result also indicated a strong negative relation between LST and NDVI in the three periods with R2 = 0.5922 (January 30th), 0.7487 (May 22nd) and 0.6017 (September 30th). The LST and NDMI correlation also shows a negative relationship with R2= 0.5399 (January 30th), 0.7115 (May 22nd) and 0.568 (September 30th).

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