Data Security Using Cryptography & Steganography

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Apoorv Jain, Ritesh Aggrawal, Akshat Kumar, Dr B Balamurugan


Steganography and cryptography are two ways from which we can hide data from third party users. There are numerous cryptography strategies accessible (DES, AES, Blowfish); among them AES is quite possibly the most remarkable procedure. In Steganography we have different methods to conceal the message. In this task we are building up a framework where we build up another procedure in which Cryptography and Steganography are utilized as coordinated parts to give greater security. It is a client server based image steganography in which if a user wants to hide text inside an image , the user first establishes connection between client and server via OTP generated to successfully connect. Then the user can embed that text file in the image . If a user wants to extract the text file then dembed the embed image

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