Effect of Nutrition Planning for Development of Aerobic Endurance among Long Distance Runner of Kurnool District Andhra Pradesh

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Dr.B. Uma Maheswari


The purpose of the present study is to find out the effect of Nutritional Planning for development of Aerobic Endurance among Men long distance runners. The sample for the present study consists of N=30 randomly selected Subjected aged 18-21 years male long-distance runners of Kurnool District Athletics Association of which N=15 are experimental group (long distance runner) and N=15 is controlled group. Experimental Group go for the specific Nutrition Diet for 8 weeks for performance improvement and controlled group will continue their regular diet.  Pre-Test and Post Test were conducted on Cooper 12minute walk/ Run Test to measure the Aerobic Endurance among experimental group and controlled group. This study shows that due to the specific nutrition diet plan there is an improvement of experimental group in the Aerobic Endurance and the controlled group is decreased in performance of aerobic Endurance. It is concluded that due to Specific Nutrition food, there will be improvement in Aerobic Endurance among men long distance runner.

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