Challenges of Educational Management that Promotes Peace in the Digital Age Social Studies Classroom According to the Concept of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

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Korravit Jitviboon, Charin Mangkhang, Jarunee Dibyamandala


This article aims to propose an educational management guideline that promotes peace in the digital age social studies classroom according to the concept of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. Three wishes in his life brought to design learning activities comprise 1) to help Buddhists of followers of any religion attain the heart of their religion, 2) to develop good understanding among religions, 3) to usher fellow human beings out of the influence of materialism so as to encourage students to learn about and understand differences among religions. The goal of peaceful means is the appearance of peace passing through listening, accepting and living together in a peaceful manner. Therefore, in the digital age social studies classroom, it  is very necessary that teachers must design content that promotes peace including designing creative learning activities, encouraging students to have creative thinking and responsibility for themselves and public in the classroom context and online learning.

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