Perception and attitude of agricultural students towards transformation in agriculture and ecology

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R.Rajasekaran, K.Mohanraj, A.Anbarassan, N.Periyasamy


The present research study was conducted among the students undergoing agriculture course in the colleges of vellore district.  Ex post facto research design was followed in the present investigation. The sample sizes of 272 respondents were purposively selected. Mean and percentage (%) were used as descriptive statistics in the study. Data collection was done by using pretested structured interview schedule. The personal characteristics of the students were analyzed. Among the total (272) respondents 59.2 % and 40.8% were female and male respectively. Respondents age groups lied between 17 to 24 and majority (33.8%) of the respondents age groups were 18. Regarding the educational qualification, all the respondents are agricultural students. Majority (39.3%) of the respondent were undergoing first year of this course.  Majority of the students parents were farmers (31.3%) followed by business people (12.1%) and teachers (11%). Majority (33.50 %) of the agricultural students had highly favourable attitude towards ecology and followed by moderately favourable (33.08 %) attitude. Whereas only 10.24 per cent and 08.00 per cent of them had moderately unfavourable and highly unfavourable attitude respectively. Majority of the respondents attitude were positive.  37.00 per cent of the students had moderately favourable attitude and 30.46 per cent of them possessed highly favourable attitude towards transformation in agriculture.

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