The Role of Total Quality Management in Achieving Competitive Advantage

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Osama Anmar Abdulameer, et. al.


The research dealt with the relationship between the steps of applying total quality management represented in quality planning, control, improving and their role in achieving the competitive advantage represented by cost, quality, time and flexibility. Several of statistical techniques for applying the TQM technology are used such as monitoring maps, Pareto diagram and the cause and effect diagram that can reduce the costs of evaluation and costs of Internal and external failure. As well as, through the applying of steps of improving the internal and external quality, can achieve product conformity to specifications and suitability for use, and then achieve the second dimension of competition dimensions (quality). In addition, applying the TQM technology integrates with other production systems as it aims to do the right work from the beginning and this will be reflected in the delivery of the product on time. The TQM technology has the ability to make adjustments to the products presented for the purpose of adapting to the change and diversity in customer requests.

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