Spatial analysis of the unemployed population according to the educational and marital composition in Anbar Governorate for the year 2019

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Zeyad Badran Jassam Al-Shujairi, et. al.


                The demographic and social characteristics of the population are characterized by their importance in population studies, especially when it is related to a phenomenon of a great degree of complexity related to a large segment of the population of society, namely unemployment, as it deals with one of the most important problems that the country suffers from in general and the study area in particular, especially since it has come to negatively affect In the psychological state of an important segment of society, in addition to using the most important methods of statistical analysis in the research, such as the Pearson correlation coefficient, to reveal the extent of the relationship between the number of the unemployed and the educational and marital composition, as the research aims to know the most important demographic characteristics of the unemployed population, such as the educational and marital structure, because of their impact In the variation in the proportions of the unemployed population in the study area, as proper planning is required that links the outputs of the education system with the needs of the labor market to ensure that no new elements are added to the labor market, and thus the accumulation of graduates and the aggravation of the unemployment problem.

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