Egyptian - Ethiopian Cultural and Religious Relationships 1981-2011

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Prof. Dr. Kahlan Kazem Helmy, et. al.


  Relationships far from politics are always stronger and their ties are better than political ties. Investing relations in cultural and religious aspects, as well as in the field of economics is better and brings positive results that politics had failed to reach.

  Therefore, the cultural and religious aspect in relationship between Egypt and Ethiopia was stronger in terms of politics. Despite the political differences and the tension in the relations, especially in the issue of the Nile river , we find that the relations were largely developed in the cultural and religious fields, so there was an exchange of visits and experiences and the establishment of  The forums also have the influential role of clerics in calming the situation and tensions at the political level, so that cultural and religious ties serve as a vital field for relations between Egypt and Ethiopia, especially the historical heritage of the two countries that extends for thousands of years, to be a factor that contributed to the rapprochement of the two peoples as well as rapprochement and dialogue  Between the officials of the two countries through holding meetings and meetings to bridge the gap in viewpoints and mutual cooperation in the cultural and religious fields.


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