Expansion of Higher Education, Labor Market and The Economic Value of Education in Iraq: An Empirical Analysis

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Adil Majeed Idan, et. al.


The expansion of education has a disproportionate impact on many aspects of cultural, economic, and social life. There are arguments about whether the monetary value of education will change as acceptance expands at different academic levels. Education will become a tool for sustainable economic development. This research studies how educational expansion affects the intensity of the relationship between education, graduate skills, and labor market needs, using secondary data on education spending, unemployment, and population growth for several Arab countries for 2010-2018. The results indicate that with the expansion of higher education, the impact of years of education on labor market outcomes remains constant, but the effect of its topical calculation on changes in these outcomes. Likewise, as higher education advances, the impact of higher education graduation on labor market outcomes remains constant, but the effect of its relative calculation changes. The results are consistent with the topical theory of education, which assumes that it is not the actual level of education that matters but rather the level of education.

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