Role of Physical Education Teacher in the School Management through the Perceptions of Principals

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Muhammad Aslam, et. al.


The researchers examined the perceptions of 216 principals regarding the role of physical education teacher (PET) in school management. Data were collected with the help of properly developed structured questionnaire encompassing all the aspects of research variable. The level of significance for the acceptance and rejection of hypotheses was set as .05. Statistical tests like t-Test and ANOVA were used to generalize and apply the obtained results on the entire population. The analyzed data revealed insignificance differences in how male and female principals perceive the role of PETs in school management and in comparing the perceptions between rural and urban schools’ principals (p > .05). The data also indicated that experience play an important role in evolving the principals’ perceptions towards schools’ management on part of PETs (p < .05). Implications for practice are important to physical education teachers, general teachers, principals, and policy makers.   

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