The Jump Performance of Urban and Rural of girls Volley Ball Players of Layyah, Punjab Pakistan

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Fakhra Jamil, et. al.


The study aimed to investigate the jump performance of Urban and Rural female volleyball players. The selected sample were (urban = 20) and (rural = 20) female players. An independent t-test was applied to compare the jump performance of double leg tuck jump, squat jump, pike jump single leg jump, vertical jump, jump and reach.  Results showed the rural female volleyball players were superior in single-leg jump, inferior in double leg jump, pike jump, jump and reach than the urban female players. It is concluded the urban female volleyball players may found more opportunity for volleyball and athletics at school and college education. On the other hand, rural school girls have less opportunity of sports participation at which unable to develop their physical fitness. The government should conduct awareness and motivational program through coaching and physical education teachers to develop volleyball interest among rural and urban female students.

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