Economic activity in the Western Sudan region (Darfur) 1907-1924

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Shaima Ahmed kazam , et. al.


Sudan occupied a vast geographical area in the African continent that amounted to about  (2,000,000) million square kilometers, which constitutes 8% of its area, as for the western region of Sudan (Darfur), which was named by this name in relation to the oldest people inhabited by the Fur people, who Its name has become a note on it, which is the subject of study, and it is located within the vast Sudanese belt extending across Africa from the Red Sea in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and which is bordered by the Sahara Desert on the north and the evergreen tropical forests from the south, thus representing the western part of eastern Sudan or Sudan Valley The Nile, and in this way the region is the farthest from the geographical point of view, that is, in the far west of Sudan, and the natural location of the region, with rain, temperatures, humidity, and its terrain, including mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes, gave a kind of economic distinction to the region. Economically, the region possesses many natural environmental factors, and this has been reflected in the trends and economic activities of its various regions due to its location on the trade and caravan route between the North and the South. The fall of rain during the summer and autumn seasons on the diversity of agricultural and pastoral activities. Commercially, the Darfur region was the center of the intersection of transit trade routes and their convoys to the east, west, north, and south.

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