The Position of the United States of America on the Communist Movement in Mexico, 1949-1953

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Asst.Tect. Saba Rabee Ahmed, et. al.


The Mexican government's policy against Left-Wing members led to the escalation of the activity of Mexican political parties with communist orientations in 1949, as well as the transformation of the Soviet embassy in the capital, Mexico City, into a propaganda center to spread communist ideology‎ in all Latin American countries via influencing the intellectual and the cultural life in Mexico and consolidating Communist members in the Mexican trade unions and organizations that aimed to strengthen the anti-American force in the Western Hemisphere, which raised the concern of the American administration, which directly dealt with to confront the communist movement in Mexico, and used various means to confront it via directing the Mexican government policy against the Communist movement in the country and has taken the propaganda style as an interface to influence Mexican public opinion.

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