Partnership Between the Government and The Private Sector and Its Role in Enhancing Education Outcomes In Iraq

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The Iraqi education system must take a proactive stance to reform the structure of the educational system and improve the quality through its basic arms represented by government and private education, noting that the latter, despite its novelty, is no less important than government education in the development of knowledge and technologies, and on the basis of this principle and after we learned that the data Education has revealed the weakness of the governmental educational system response in dealing with this system from the general budget, so it is necessary to allow the private sector to take a course after its departure from the educational arena and open the door to investment and provide all facilities to investors and make it one of the main elements in the national educational policy, which must be subject to planning and compliance For the controls and laws that are organized by the state to increase its effectiveness as a competent competitor in the educational and educational arena, to ensure its success to achieve the best results..

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