Health concepts for adolescents (17-22) years old. A study on a sample of Jordanian society

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Dr. Entesar Al-Badour, et. al.


This study aimed at identifying the level of healthy concepts among adolescents aged between (17-22 years), it was also relied on the descriptive approach. The study sample consisted of (1200) individual of adolescents aged between (17-22 Years) and it was conducted on a sample from the Jordanian Society. During this study, the healthy concepts questioner for adolescents was used to collect data, and the results showed that the healthy concepts for adolescents aged between (17-22 Years) were moderate degree, moreover, the most notably was for the Trophic (Food) Health that was high degree, came next the physical health, then the mental health, and finally the physical health were moderate degree. The results also showed statistically significant differences in the physical health and mental health due to the sex variable in favor of males, while the differences in Trophic (Food) Health were in favor of females. There were also statistically significant differences in physical health and the scale as a whole in favor of the age between (20-22 Years), and in accordance of the study results, a group of recommendations were presented.

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