What do they do after? Digital Literacy Program for SME and Beneficiary Participant

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Rachmad Utomo, et. al.


The Indonesian government implements a business development service program to improve skills of SMEs in taking digital market opportunities through optimizing the use of smartphones. This study aims to describe the digital literacy awareness and social media skills of SMEs after they receive a training program provided by the government.  Data was collected from three different sites: Pondok Aren Banten, Pangkalan Bun Central of Kalimantan and Wates Yogyakarta The results of this study indicate that the participation of SMEs in the benefits can be divided into three groups, namely those who become smarter and wiser, those who give up easily and are full of doubts, and finally those who only go in streams because other people do it (free-riders). The government needs to develop a system of disseminating the value of civic responsibility by involving successful SMEs to become role models for the community. Tracing of beneficiary participant data to explore commitments is also highly recommended.


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