The Use of Mall Applications to Enhance The English Speaking Skills Among Arab EFL Learners

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Abdullah A. Almadhady, et. al.


The study aims to investigate the use of Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) applications in the improvement of English language speaking skills by EFL learners. The participants were 12 undergraduate students majoring in English language at the Faculty of Education for Humanities, Anbar University in Iraq.  For the purpose of this study, a MALL application, Cake-learn English, was integrated in the process of Data collection. Data were collected using a journal Entry method or what so called reflective journals. The reflective journal can help learners to identify significant learning events that happen to them. Reflective journals work to record idea, personal opinions, and experiences which help in learning. Reflective journals help learners to re-evaluate their knowledge according to the new learning materials. In addition, they help learners to grow. The results revealed that all participants argued that MALL applications could be used as s real and useful alternative of classroom to improve speaking skills. The respondents believe that MALL applications offer excellent environment to improve their speaking skills. The reflective journal analysis also showed that Cake-learn English application is effective to improve the speaking skills of Arab EFL university students. 

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