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A.O. Rozhkov, et. al.


The aim of the conducted research was to substantiate the elements of soybean growing technology, which would ensure high crop capacity and grain quality. On row crops of ultra-early-maturing soybean cultivar Annushka and early-ripening cultivar Bajka, the highest crop grain capacity in the experiment ‒ 1.85 and 2.18 t/ha was obtained at the rate of seed sowing ‒ 1.2 and 1.0 million items/ha, correspondingly. On variants with inter-rows of 45 cm, the highest crop grain capacity  of these cultivars ‒ 1.59 and 1.84 t / ha ‒ was obtained at the sowing rates of 1.1 and 0.9 million items/ha, accordingly, and with 70 cm inter-rows – under  sowing 1,0 and 0.9 million items/ha ‒ 1.27 and 1.35 t/ha. The protein content in Annushka soybean grain was by 1.0–1.1 % higher than in Bajka cultivar. Thickening of crops by increasing the seeding sowing rate and expanding inter-rows width led to the increase in protein content in grain. The highest protein harvest on the average over the years – 764 kg/ha was observed on crops of soybean cultivar Bajka under the combination of seed sowing rate of 1.0 million items/ha with the width of inter-rows of 15 cm. On Annushka crops the largest protein harvest – 679 kg/ha was received under the same inter-row width, but at seed sowing rates of 1.2 million items/ha. On variants with 45 cm of inter-rows width, the largest soybean protein harvest of Bajka and Annushka cultivars ‒ 647 and 585 kg/ha was observed under the seeding rates of 0.9 and 1.1 million items/ha, correspondingly. The oil content in grain of both soybean cultivars decreased with increasing sowing rate and expansion of inter-rows. The soybean cultivar Bajka had a higher oil content in grain in the context of all combinations of inter-rows width with seed sowing rate. On the average by the years, seed sowing rates and variants of inter-rows width, the oil content of Baika soybean grain was by 2.7 % higher than that one of Annushka. The largest oil harvest from 1 ha of both soybean cultivars under all sowing rates was provided by seed sowing with 15 cm inter-rows width. The oil harvesting from 1 ha on variants, with inter-rows width of 15, 45 and 70 cm averaged 334, 286 and 217 kg/ha, correspondingly. As for the oil harvest from 1 ha among the studied cultivars, the cultivar Bajka prevailed.


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