Applying Shadowing Technique to Improve Iraqi EFL Forth preparatory students' Listening Skills

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Noor Hameed Majeed


This study aims at finding out the effect of applying the shadowing technique on EFL students' listening skills. Therefore, the researcher used the experimental design and pre-posttest as a data collection tools. Two groups of fourth preparatory school students, experimental and control, were selected to be the sample of this study, which consists of (41) students in each group during the academic year 2017/2018. The two groups were equalized in terms of many several variables that may effect on the independent variable (shadowing technique). Then, suitable statistical tools were applied on analyzing the data and to achieve the aim of this study. The results of this study showed that shadowing technique has effectively improved the students' listening skills since that there is a statistically difference in EFL students' listening comprehension in favor of the post-test scores of the experimental group. Based on the results obtained, a set of conclusions are put forward. 

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